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About Us

Delivering Professional and Satisfactory Service

Obeng Darko Solicitors and Consultants PRUC is a modern and dynamic law firm licensed and regulated by the General Legal Council. It is a leading Commercial and Litigation firm based in Accra.

We pride ourselves as dynamic innovators with a very deep understanding and appreciation of the Ghana Legal System and are capable of adapting to the ever-changing technological world to meet the needs of our Clients. Client satisfaction is our topmost priority and we endeavor to treat our clientele base with the professionalism they deserve.

Practice Areas

  • Litigation and Alternate Dispute Resolution
  • Land/Property law, Conveyancing and Construction Law
  • Debt restructuring and debt recovery
  • Employment and Labour Law
  • Insurance and Re-insurance law 
  • Maritime law
  • Chieftaincy 
  • Banking, Finance, and Taxation
  • Corporate practice and commercial law
  • Mining, Energy, Natural resource, and Oil & Gas 
  • Family (Matrimonial, custody, Adoption etc)
  • Entertainment and Sports
  • Medicine, Health and Safety law
  • Immigration and Nationality law
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • Communications Law
  • Company secretarial services. 

Our Work

We provide Advisory Services, Research, Alternative Dispute Resolution and Litigation. 

We recognize the ever-evolving business atmosphere and acknowledge the essence of time and information to our Clientele. As such, on a regular basis, we conduct research into areas of interest to our Clients to determine if there has been any change to the existing laws and advise them accordingly.

We value our Client’s time and desire to have matters resolved expeditiously. Thus, our team of professional negotiators are always on hand to provide professional alternative dispute resolution services to our clients.

Our Team

Our team of lawyers are very well vexed in litigation and employ all the tact and experience in providing litigation services to our Clients

We are responsive to the needs of our Clients and thus, endeavor to provide brief and prompt reports after court by electronic mail and submit comprehensive monthly reports on all cases with us or as requested by the client.

We will love to work with you.